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Top Emerging Outsourcing Providers

When looking below the global big 3 (Accenture, IBM and EDS) as well as the Indian big 3 (Tata, Infosys, Wipro) IT services and outsourcing companies, the second tier leaders are beginning to show increased customer acquisitions and market share growth.

 Company Base Country Website Size
 Softtek Mexico www.softtek.com $100M to $500M
 Politec Brazil www.politec.com $100M to $500M
 Bluem Inc China www.bluem.com Less than $100M
 Neusoft Group Ltd China www.neusoft.com/en Less than $100M
 BroadenGate Systems China www.broadengate.com Less than $40M
 Freeborders China www.freeborders.com Less than $40M
 Luxoft Russia www.luxoft.com Less than $40M
 EPAM Systems Russia www.epam.com Less than $40M
 Ness Technologies Israel www.ness.com $100M to $500M
 ASCI SA de CV Mexico www.asci.us Less than $40M
 Neoris Mexico www.neoris.com Less than $40M
 DataArt Russia www.dataart.com Less than $40M
 ITCI Russia www.itci.com Less than $40M
 Venus Software Corp China www.vsc.com Less than $40M
 DBAccess Venezuela www.dbaccess.com Less than $40M

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